A Well Integrated Multi Channel Inventory And Order Management System Helps Online Sellers To Manage & Develop Their Business In An Efficient Manner

Increase Your Sales & Improve Customers Perception

Selro, the multi channel selling platform offers ample of benefits and winning strategies for online sellers that make their investment worthwhile. The products involved in this platform are stated as multi channel order management, multi channel inventory management,Amazon Stock Repricer and Amazon FBA. These are all essential drivers to be adopted by a online seller who wants to increase his/ his sales and profit gains. In general, the system offers a variety of impressive engagement points for retailers, where they can implement on customers to provide convenience, make them easy purchase and ease of sales.

Collecting Customers Data Is A Main Constraint For Retailers

To engage online selling successfully, the seller can use multi-channel sellers as it provided pretty impressive engagement points and opportunities to gather essential information about customers. After the data are collected, the existing information can be used in an effective manner. The order management software from Selro focuses to help merchants manage their total orders which are listed across various sales channels. It is like a one hub to deal with multiple tasks such as importing orders, shipping orders, downloading them automatically, allocating location and shipping addresses. Besides, the multi channel order management synchronizes the stock inventory automatically around all channels. Additionally, retailers can easily handle batch order processing, drop shipping, quick & efficient return orders, auto populate and fulfillment.

The Perfect Ecommerce Solution Which Controls Your Supply Chain With An Ease.

The robust Selro multi channel inventory management provides the retailer a great visibility on demand, supply and automated inventory level updates across various sales channels. The software interface allows you to slash the cost of inventory, where the profit gains can only be concentrated. As a result, the total E commerce enterprise is going to run more efficiently than ever before. This centralized system is designed in such a way that, the retailer can easily integrate their online store with a distribution center or warehouse in order to maintain a uniform flow of orders picked, packed and shipped to destinations very quickly. Beyond the store front, the sales can be done across various channels at a time and there is no risk of running out of stock.

Selro Has Decided To Be Affordable Multichannel E-Commerce Software Designed For Online Sellers Of All Sizes.

The platform is an ideal pick for those who would like to process their orders in a fast and reliable manner. Peeping into the company’s front, the leading web-store partners of Selro are listed as Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and ekmPowerShop. And then, the marketplaces which the domain deals with are Amazon, Etsy, Play.com (Rakuten) and Flubit. Coming to the stock repricer management software, there are automatic repricing strategies which are provided by Selro, where you can take control on Amazon, Play.com (Raketen) and other marketplaces. The software can control the stock and even reprice it with the best price tag, which will fetch good profit margin within no time. Coming to the Amazon FBA, the multi channel platform has the capability to handle orders and build logistics of sales channels, this system uses inventory which is stored in the fulfillment center of the Amazon.

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