Blogging stands as a vital part of marketing strategy for retailers

Targeting the ecommerce marketing influencer is a valid strategy, every online retailer or seller will use. Traditionally, every shopper will rely on the suggestions of family, friends and opinion leaders while making online purchase. Due to the big rise in social media, there is a significant change in the statistics of opinion leaders since couple of past years, scoring great range of Instagram followers.

Many of consumers will trust and go with the third party recommendations, rather than the promoting brand. It should make sense because, it is very obvious that any brand will hype and promote themselves as a routine. Public are no where interested to hear from them, they will go with the opinions given by the ones who are trust worthy. Bloggers are reliable influencers, who are playing a vital role in giving opinions or suggestions to consumers on board. .

There are good advantages of blogging, when partnered with this influencer they fetch groups of audience and networks. As there would be loyalty among influencer and audience, there would be an availability to boost the exposure of social media, increase the website’s traffic and thus products would be sold through recommendations.

If the information is overloaded at the same time, the consumer will be able to filter his/ her choice of credible, meaningful and most trusted retailer. There would be incredibly influenced, if the domain becomes popular with in the conversation.

Content marketing strategy importance –

Let us take an example of beauty and fashion bloggers, they influence various range of people turning them into followers. Document the purchase history, one of the British blogger called ‘Zoella’ wrote a blog, consisting information of clothing and makeup. She gave her opinions and since then carved a fan base of loyally, illustrating millions of Twitter followers. Followed by YouTube and other social media followers, it seems a great phenomenal aspect in the blogging arena.

Ecommerce retailers can consider this marketing strategy as an example, there are many bloggers globally who perform the role of influencers in promoting product or brand.

Some of bloggers will charge money for promoting posts, videos and banners but on the other hand, there are others who do mention products in content, yet they expect samples.

Exploiting the opinion leaders and bloggers influence has the capability to give a major impact on ecommerce market and boosts sales.

Giving a kick start to build relationships with bloggers will tap the brand name into the customer base.

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