How Online Retailers Can Optimize Their Multi-channel Media Mix Across The Market

At a glance, the Multi-channel marketing is referred to be a practice of interaction with customers using a combination of direct and indirect communication channels like websites, mail order catalogs, retail stores, direct mail, mobile and email, etc. The platform enables customers to take a reliable action in return of response, preferably to purchase seller’s products or services using multiple channels of one’s choice. In simplistic terms, the Multi-channel marketing is all about an individual choice.

Multi-channel Marketing Importance

Multi-channel marketing is an ideal and important platform designed to put all consumers and online sellers at one place. In general, customers are everywhere and for that reason merchants should concentrate on this solution as Multi-channel customers do spend good number of times more than any single channel customers does. There is no doubt that almost every customer today is having much more control on the purchasing process than sellers do. The proliferated channels are made available, where customers have acquired more choices than ever in grabbing the required information at one place. In the present generation, there are many ways to reach targeted customers, both in terms of numbers as well as variety of channels. As there is an increase in channels ratio, the embracing need of multichannel marketing has become a good idea and critical one.

Challenges Listed

  • Messaging Targeted.

Retailers need to thanks the plethora of sales channels & choices which are being faced by customers, deliver the right message to the targeted audience. Regardless of a channel, all customers must receive the message from sellers in an attentive, willing to act and receptive manner.

  • Perfectly Choreographed & Designed Campaigns.

It is unrealistic, if retailers expecting their customers to change device or channel preferences. For that reason, marketers must constantly coordinate and develop highly orchestrated micro-campaigns and touch points, which can span various channels fluidly. Then only, the buyer will find it trustworthy and meaningful.

  • Attribution Of Marketing Response.

Actually, it is difficult to know which campaigns, sequence or channels of touch points are contributed to qualify sales and conversions. It is very important to know for marketers, which triggered response is assessing the best in putting efforts for best results.

However, it seems to be a daunting task for any Firm which faces in the process of optimizing multiple routes flow to market.

  • Few steps which can get it right

Here are 3 keys to do multichannel marketing right and strive towards success,

  1. Maintain and create a single view for the customers across multiple channels.
  2. Establish and engage a reliable Multi-channel marketing platform.
  3. Then, concentrate on creating the most consistent buyer experiences across all sales channels.
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