Know the secret formula to win the Amazon Buy Box every time

In the present day E-Commerce segment, Amazon is playing a leading role across the top retailers globally. It is growing very fast when compared to other companies in the top 10 list, yearly growth is claimed up to 27.2%. For consumer sales, this marketplace has become a top destination, joined the like series of Safeway, Wal-Mart and Lowes. It means, the expectance is raising high in several places coming future.

The main pillar for Amazon success is stretched by building good deals and low prices for consumers. Because of the Buy Box, there is a pressure being existed on 3rd party marketplace retailers or sellers. As Amazon is bundled with all great offers for a product on a single page, the default offer will be valid for entire listing.

The critical phase of the Buy Box

If any product based company sell their items through the Amazon 3rd party marketplace, it becomes critical to win buy box and generate sale. However, if they can offer the best price than their competitors it becomes a major conflict. The best way to win buy box is possible by removing 3rd party sellers and plunging them to comply with price guidelines so as to support retailers.

Control becomes the mail goal

The buy box algorithm involves a great working style and main factors like seller ratings, price and fulfillment options. When a product is listed with several offers, the seller should use Amazon fulfillment service (Fulfillment by Amazon) typically, offer the lowest price and have a good seller rating. If the seller has a 99 percent rating, it is an ideal pick to utilize FBA so as to beat the listed lower price by two to three percent. Hence there would be more possibility to get in the buy box, which is close to 100 percent of the time. This process is time consuming to achieve these guidelines but it is pretty simple and works like magic. If other selling partners notice the listed pricing, then they might ask to raise the price or to lower the price wholesale price which is actually not good in the long run. An ideal solution in this case is to remove other sellers who list owned products.

Cleaning up sellers is all about distributing to the right ones

To revise the wholesale processes, the first step is to remove 3rd-party sellers. Anyone with inventory of your products can cause a major problem with your retailers so you must only sell inventory to companies who agree to adhere to pricing guidelines.

Selling inventory to those who adhere the price guidelines is would be an ideal choice, which will in fact kickoff from causing the problem to retailers. Signing up an enforceable contract will states the minimum advertised price (MAP) for listed products that prohibit resale through any other channels.

The Factors Of Amazon Buy Box
Have a look at the factors that influence in gaining the Buy Box on Amazon, check the below reference consisting an amended table.


Factor What Amazon is Considering Winning Practices
Featured Merchant Status How trust worthy you are based upon account history. Being noticed by the Amazon account managers.As ChannelAdvisor suggest, it doesn’t hurt to ask Amazon support about your “Featured Merchant Status”
Price What is your product price? What is your shipping charge? Low total price, including product price and shipping
Availability How many do you have in stock? How quickly can you ship? Quick and consistent fulfillment
Volume Do you sell many of this product? Consistency
Refunds How often do you issue a refund for seller error? Low refund rate
Customer Feedback How do customers rate your service? Low negative feedback ratings
Customer Support How quickly you deal with customer queries Answering in less than 24 hours, 7 days a week (yes that’s weekends included)
A-to-z Guarantee Claims How often do you get returns? Low A-to-z claims
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