Rewarding eBay sellers who offer buyer-friendly returns

From autumn 2017, we’re rewarding sellers who offer buyer-friendly returns policies with greater visibility to their listings, as well as additional control and protection so you can sell with confidence.

What’s changing

  • From autumn 2017, we’re providing improved search filters and highlighting free returns on listings to help increase the visibility of listings that offer generous returns.
  • At the same time, we’re taking further steps to identify and prevent buyers from misusing returns.

Rewarding great customer service

Buyers expect a generous returns policy when shopping online. A recent survey by UPS found that the majority of online shoppers specified free returns as one of the most important considerations when making their purchase decision.

We want you to grow by keeping your customers happy and coming back for more, and we’ll continue to reward sellers who provide great customer service.

Benefits of offering a free 30-day returns policy or better include:

  • Buyers are more likely to find your listings with improved search results filters.
  • Free returns policies will be highlighted on your listings, making the item more appealing to shoppers.
  • eBay marketing campaigns that highlight listings offering free returns and long return windows.

We strongly recommend you specify your returns policies using the dedicated listing form fields or business policies. We suggest you avoid detailing your returns policies using free text fields in the listing form, unless strictly necessary.

More protection for sellers

Most returns go smoothly but we also know it’s an area of concern for our sellers. To help you offer buyer-friendly returns policies with confidence, we’re taking these additional steps to protect you:

  • Starting this autumn, sellers who offer free returns can decide if they want to offer less than a full refund. This applies in cases where an item is returned that is not in the same condition that it was in when you sent it, for example, a damaged item or an item no longer in its original packaging.
  • Improved detection of buyers we suspect of misusing returns to stop them before they start a return.
  • Strengthened preventative measures against buyers misusing returns.

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