Selro Multichannel Selling System Provides You The Best Opportunity To Sell Through Leading Marketplaces.

Online sellers are racing forward by using the multi channel retailing system, which offer them with innovative solutions to manage their online businesses in a smarter way. The profit margins are very high if the system is under the umbrella, the Selro multi channel system falls in the same arena which is destined for sellers to make recording sales. It is the best opportunity for online sellers to reach many potential customers and increase online visibility across the web.

Choose Selro To Manage Orders And Stock Across Multi Platforms.

Selro provides you an ideal integrated solution; use the single interface to manage all your requirements like edit or remove products on website, print invoices, and image uploading, orders visibility from all market places. Selro supports the leading market places such as Amazon, eBay, (Rakuten) and Etsy. The web stores which fall in the same arena are listed as Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and ekmPowerShop. The products engaged in Selro’s platform are multi channel order management, multi channel inventory management, Amazon Stock Repricer and Amazon FBA.

  • Multi channel order management: It is now very easy to manage and capture all your desired orders in one Selro solution, the software is designed in such a way that one can import orders directly from eCommerce stores, orders shipping integration, picking, packing, tracking information and assigning shipping labels. The automated system is available to made safe and secure processing; despite of location the consumer can access this interface from anywhere.  From various sales channels or listed eCommerce stores, the seller can easily to do multi-tasking and ensure 100% customer satisfaction by providing loyal service. By synchronizing your inventory, there is no need to wonder at a situation of stock crisis, the return process is done efficiently as well. Much more benefits by using this multi channel order management software, have a quick look at


  • Multi channel inventory management: To pursuit for good business, this phase acts like a magic where the consumer can manage and automate their inventory within not time. The multi channel inventory management software from Selro gives the seller an ability to analyze and maintain an optimum inventory levels across multiple channels. To avoid over selling and face running out of stock, use this healthy operation to have a thorough visibility any time. The whole tracking information of customers can be retrieved, in which the seller can alert and stay in touch with them. The insight will show the exact and genuine money making sales channel, so that the online sellers can invest more and gain profits. All these inventory management features make Selro more appealing to manage eCommerce stores and multiple marketplaces.


  • Amazon Stock Repricer: Selro’s automated repricing software allows sellers to maximize their sales, by scoring rich profits. Generally, all the multi channels which are listed on Amazon are applicable to this tool, where the latest stock can be updated. Based on the destined figure, the seller can fix his/ her customized profit margin for the product listed on sales channel. The minimum and maximum price tags can be set; the software thus helps online sellers to make drastic sales within no time. Selro multi channel repricing software of Amazon helps you to grow business and overcome the tough competition from other merchants.


  • Amazon FBA with Selro: Move easily from FBA fulfillment segment to in house fulfillment, there is no need to worry about stock. One can easily control and manage stock by using the Selro’s Amazon FBA management software. Online sellers can gain an access to various prime customers, scale your order handling and build logistics with ease on Amazon. Without additional investment, the seller can use the inventory tool to sell products globally via online. The productive margins and potential benefits are assured when signed up with this software, save more time while packing, warehousing, picking and sorting products.    

Selro multi channel selling platform delivers an effective and streamline experience to online sellers by all these integrated solutions and software. There is no late to shake hands with Selro and grab a great way to improve to revenue stream across the market.

Selro Supported Market Places: Amazon, eBay, (Rakuten), Etsy and Flubit.

Selro Supported Web Stores: Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and ekmPowerShop.

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