The consistent price and consistent message are standard keys to Multi-channel success

One of the e-commerce marketing executive has argued that, all consumer goods retailers should maintain the same prices and convey the same message across all channels. They must also develop and concentrate on their own sales channels directly.

The below article on the whole depicts on the argument of an e-commerce executive regarding the Multi-channel selling strategies.

To start with, the holiday shopping seasonfly like snow withdiscounts and marketing messages with ease. But the question is, “How any shopper brands can cut through the chaos in-order to deliver consistent prices and consistent messages across all retail channels?

In general, every shopper will expect a consistent and user-friendly experience, which can be delivered bysmart buyer brands. Especially in the holiday seasons, it is important that all e-tailer channels provide the uniform pricing, same visibility, coherent messageand predictabiity.Consistency of price and message across channels will enhance the experienceof the brand and generates more revenueultimately.

In the present day market, maintaining consistency feels like an impossible dream. It is toughtask to ensure a consistent message to be listedwhile buyers encounter retailer productsat anytime, anywhere. Especially, in an online store while comparing products using a Smartphone or a Tablet and also through pop-up email. Even, it is more difficult to ensure customers encounter predictable, uniform pricing when multiple online retailers are trying to price your items or products on the particular terms.

Conveying Consistent Messages

Both online and in-store, consumer brands can convey consistent messages across multiple channels, from brick&mortar stores to retail sites and then, to third party vendors. For that, Multi-channel brands need Multi-channel messaging so as to reach their prospective buyer at the right time with the right message, which includeimpressive touch points across variety of offline and online media.Therefore, extending the reach across multiple channels will increase the brand conversions and affiliation and that is how, consumers can hear all consistent messages about retailer’s brand.

Ensure Consistent Prices

One more important aspect for consumer brands is to ensure price consistency across multiple channels, especially during the festive seasons, when best deals and multiple discounts are applied across sales channels. It involves a consistent and disciplined effort for retailer brands to maintain consumer consistent prices. Since many years, the leading consumer brands are beingenacting UPP (Unilateral Pricing Policies) or MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) with variety success levels. It seems to be an endless effort, as sellers are challenging manufacturersconstantly, willingness in-order to enforce their individual pricing policies. A uniform policy across various channels, the consumer brands can protect the brand image and provide reliable, consistent pricing for customers. On the whole, the consequences are pre-dominant.

Direct to consumer sales channel for the win

The uniform pricing and consistent messages are vital for those who value their own brand. Working towards consistency will give positive results across retail channel business but a direct-to-consumer sales channel will actually not only strengthensthe manufacturer’s Multi-channel strategy but also increases the engagement of customers.

The above strategies are best ways for any consumer brand that focuses to communicate with strong and consistent message view, maintaining valuedriven pricing.

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