Selro | Multichannel Inventory and Order Management System

Walmart Integration

Manage your Walmart inventory. List on multiple channels. Manage orders. Keep your stock level in sync across all channels

Multichannel Listing

Create new listing and update existing listing. Manage your Walmart catalogue via Selro. List your Walmart catalogue to your e-commerce store

Inventory Sync

Keep your stock level in sync across all your selling channels. Never oversell and protect your Walmart seller rating

Integrated Shipping

Create labels and fulfil your Walmart orders via your shipping carriers accounts. Selro supports most major shipping carriers


Get your customers, orders and invoices pushed into your favourite accounting system. Selro support Quickbooks online and Kashflow. Xero and Sage are coming soon

Walmart Order Management

Fulfil Walmart orders, create shipping labels, automatically send tracking information into Walmart, combine orders from the same buyer.

Process and create labels up to 500 orders at a time with a single click. Fulfil orders via Amazon FBA. Create and manage different order queues for custom made orders and many more


Walmart Inventory Control

Download your existing Walmart catalogue with all the details into Selro and fully manage your inventory. Bulk update prices, quantity. Create pricing rules based on cost price and standard selling price.

Create new listings on Walmart. Update existing listings with new product information.

Multichannel Listing Tool

Create/update new Walmart listing. Push your Walmart product catalogue into your e-commerce store (except for EKM Power shop e-commerce store). Apply pricing rules, bulk update Walmart items with price, quantity and product details.


All-in-One Shipping

Selro integrates directly with the world's leading couriers, making it easy to create shipping labels and fulfil orders for all your sales channels. Automatically send the tracking information into sale channels. Ship via Amazon FBA


Selro automatically creates customers, orders and invoices into your Accounting software. Quickbook Online and Kashflow are currently supported. Xero and Sage will be supported shortly.


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