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8th July 2018

Update Etsy Integration with Latest Inventory API

Etsy's latest Inventory API methods are now used in Selro Etsy integration. This gives the ability to add SKUs at variations and update different qty/price for your variation items

6th June 2018

Support for Reverb Marketplace

Reverb marketplace is now fully supported for Inventory and Order Management

12th April 2018

Enhancement to EposNow Integration

We have now enhanced the EposNow EPOS integration to automatically send new items to your EPOS

4th March 2018

Support for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime orders are now supported and you can create prime shipping labels directly from Selro

6 Feb 2018

Added Currency Exchange for International Listing

Selro can automatically convert your international listing prices based on your base currency and the current exchange rate. You can also add pricing rules for mark up or margins as well.

Walmart V3 API Version is Supported

We have upgraded the Walmart integration for V3 version.

Wowcher Marketplace

Wowcher marketplace is now supported for Order Management. The listing feature is not available due to the API limitation.

6 November 2017

Weengs Integration

Weengs shipping integration is now supported

Selro Developer Portal

We have released the developer API to programmatically interact with your Selro seller account. For more information please visit

eBay Mortor Cycle Compatibility Supported

eBay Mortor Cycle compatibility is now supported for both eBay US and UK

5 October 2017

Amazon Australia Enabled

Amazon Australia are now supported by Selro for both Inventory and Order Management

Ability to Design Return Forms

Now you can design your return forms. Previously only invoice and shipping labels can be designed with your branding.

28th September 2017

Ability to Switch Off Stock Sync at Product Level

Now you can exclude certain products from the automatic stock sync

In Line Bulk Updates of Quantities

We have added the ability to bulk edit quantities from your Inventory page.

Enhancement to Variation Functionality

We have added the capability to bulk create variations

12th September 2017

Walmart Marketplace Integration

Walmart Marketplace is fully functional now for both Inventory and Order Management

Fruugo Marketplace Integration

Fruugo Marketplace Integration is now supported for both Inventory and Order Management

4th September 2017

Purchase Order Functionality

Purchase Order Functionality is now available

Low Stock Report

Low Stock Report is added to the reporting suite

Full Order History Export

Full Order History can be now exported into an excel file. You can also export based on the order dates.

3rd August 2017

NotOnTheHighStreet (NOTHS) Integration

NotOnTheHighStreet Marketplace is now integrated with Selro for Inventory and Order Management


Integration with Tesco (Invite only Marketplace) is now supported on Selro for both Inventory and Order Management

2nd July 2017

DPD and DPD Local Integration

Now you can directly print shipping labels with DPD and DPD Local with Selro

FedEx Integration

Now you can directly print shipping labels with FedEx with Selro

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